ISL releases preliminary findings

Preliminary findings show that over 80% of those who gave evidence believe the diagnosis is damaging and dangerous.

“The label has destroyed my life, friendships, relationships and employment prospects.” [Survey respondent]

Update: Inquiry into Schizophrenia Label

ISL has received a fantastic response. With over 300 responses to our survey, around 40 personal testimonies, a focus group in Manchester and supporters on Facebook, the response has been much more than we had anticipated. We also have received support from 41 organisations and 250 individuals, majority of whom have signed up on our website.

Eleanor Langden: Learning from the voices in my head

At 17, Eleanor Longden had a promising future ahead of her; then she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. After a lifelong battle with the voices in her head, today she has a Masters in psychology and a second chance.

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Black and mad

"'Schizophrenia' is emblematic of the oppression and mistreatment of black people by psychiatry." Phil Thomas.

Writing in the internationally renowned blog Mad in America, Phil Thomas examines why any investigation into 'schizophrenia' must consider black perspectives very carefully.