Terms of Reference

In carrying out its work the Inquiry will:

  • Explore how the label ‘schizophrenia’, and the more general one ‘psychosis’, impacts on people given the label

  • Look at (a) the advantages and disadvantages people experience from receiving the label; (b) the ways in which the criminal justice system affects people once they receive the label; and (c) whether the label is serving any purpose in the present social and political context of UK, taking account of any relevant information from UK and other countries, especially those with non-western cultural heritages in Low and Middle Income range (as per the classification of the World Bank).

  • Receive evidence from:

    1. people affected by the label ‘schizophrenia’ (or similar labels such as ‘psychosis’)

    2. people given other ‘mental illness’ diagnoses

    3. families, carers and friends of people diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘psychosis’

    4. mental health workers and professionals

    5. people interested in mental health issues

  • Examine whether people given the label ‘schizophrenia’, or the more general one ‘psychosis’, experience discrimination or disadvantages as a result of their perceived racial, cultural or socio-economic backgrounds through personal prejudice, institutionalized practices of those working in mental health services, or theories and practices inherent in (western) psychiatry.

  • Consider in what ways the workforce responsible for providing mental health services could better support and help people given the label ‘schizophrenia’, or more general one ‘psychosis’, to enable them to lead more fulfilling lives.

  • Look for ways to change or improve the guidance on the ‘treatment’ of people given the label ‘schizophrenia’, or the more general one ‘psychosis’, issued by NICE and other bodies.

  • Not investigate individual cases or complaints voiced during the inquiry.