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The Inquiry Panel would like to hear about your experience and thoughts about ‘schizophrenia’ or similar labels such as ‘psychosis’. We are particularly interested in hearing from:

  • people affected by the label ‘schizophrenia’ (or similar labels such as ‘psychosis’)

  • people given other ‘mental illness’ diagnoses

  • families, carers and friends of people diagnosed with ‘schizophrenia’ or ‘psychosis’

  • mental health workers and professionals, and

  • people interested in mental health issues


Complete our surveyYou can submit evidence (information) using our survey.

The information from the survey will be collected and collated using Survey Monkey. All evidence collected will be treated anonymously unless you specifically tell us that your name and/or designation can be used in the evidence.

Tell us your story

Tell us your storyPlease use our testimony form to tell us your story of being given the label of ‘schizophrenia’ or of looking after someone given that label.

Please note that written evidence may be edited/shortened (without changing what you say) where necessary by the co-ordinating group before submitting to the Inquiry Panel.

If you are submitting your evidence in writing, please make sure to indicate:

  1. That you are submitting the evidence voluntarily

  2. Whether you want your name to be used in the evidence and report. If you do not indicate this, we may use your material anonymously

  3. Whether you give us permission to use your evidence as testimony on this website, and if you do, whether you would prefer this to appear anonymously

  4. Whether you would like to see a copy of the draft report before it is finalised

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