Supporter individuals

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Cameron, Alisdair

Co-founder, NEt (North East together) and team leader at Launchpad

Campbell, Peter

Poet, survivor and activist

Carney, Dr. Jack

Retired clinical social worker and current regular blogger at

Carpenter, Mick

Professor of social policy, University of Warwick, Coventry

Chambers, Patricia

Service user consultant

Chondol, Naphtali Titus
Chorlton, Emma

Clinical Psychologist

Choudhri, Nasim
Clark, Yvonne

Survivor and Carer

Coldham, Tina

Mental health user consultant/trainer and researcher

Coles, Steven

Clinical psychologist, Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Coll, Patrick

Consultant psychiatrist; Clinical Associate Professor, University of Calgary, Canada. Member of the Critical Psychiatry Network.

Collins, Cath

Ex service user

Conway, Margaret

An individual affected by mother's diagnosis of schizophrenia

Cooke, Anne

Consultant clinical psychologist and Principal Lecturer in clinical psychology, Canterbury Christ Church University

Cox, Mike Llywelyn

An independent service user and retired ASW campaigner in mental health and disability rights.

Crooks, Lyn

Mental health service user from the North Cotswolds; Volunteer with the 2gether Mental Health Trust; run art groups in the local day centre; Expert by Experience for Living Options.