Supporter individuals

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Ganeasn, Mahesan

Consultant psychiatrist, National Institute of Mental Health, Sri Lanka

Gathercole, Ronald

Member of NSUN

Gauna, Carolina N.
Georgaca, Eugenie
Giri, Nir Prakash

Psychosocially disabled ('schizophrenia' since 1996); on medication

Goldsmith, Catherine

Person-centred psychotherapist; part of the training team for a BA (Hons) Psychotherapy degree programme.

Goldstein, Marian B
Gough, Matthew

Senior Lecturer (Social Work, Mental Health)

Gould, Dorothy

Service user/survivor consultant, trainer and researcher.

Govers, Lia
Grace, Juliet
Grace, Tim
Grant, Yara

Assistant psychologist

Greaves, Humphrey

Service user and life coach

Gregory, Claire

PhD student, De Montfort University and member of National Black Carers and Carers Workers Network

Griffiths, Dr Chris

Mental health researcher currently working for Rethink Mental Illness.

Griffiths, Raza

Survivor activist and media trainer